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Civilian Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Review system was extremely flawed. Not to mention the lack of leadership and vocal abilities at the management position. A lot of times employees are left in the dark on how they should go about things and are expected to learn the system without any sort of guidance. Cons: Commute was never considered"

Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"I swept the city streets, and made sure that the trash was put into the right trash bags and trash bins. on every street corner in the neighborhood. for the day."

Grounds keeper/ outdoors maintenance worker (Current Employee) says

"The hardest part of the job was the lack of respectful cordial communication among office city workers and HRA Job training participants. Office staff and management is depressing and not worth all the hard work and efforts invested into getting the job done."

Management Information Services (MIS) says

"Morale at the Agency is poor due to Management advancing Cons: Entrenched Management"

Sanitation Worker (Former Employee) says

"i did not like it i because they treated the worker with no respect but wanted to sleep with all the girls that worked from the shelter system the job service is not working"

Laborer/ Temp. Assignment (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work comprised of waiting to see if your co-worker is going to show up or if they're going to skip out on the work.What I learned about this job is that you can have fun while working.The hardest part of working is picking up someone else's slack and the most enjoyable part for me is going to lunch."

Sanitation Enforcement Agent (Current Employee) says

"Horrible job with no advancement, pay is lowest in city and put your life at risk everyday. supervisors are less educated than agents. this place is a joke."

Sanitation Worker (Former Employee) says

"This place sucks only if you like feeling like the garbage in the truck don’t waste your time this job is not worth the pay is horrible and management never worked a day in their life on the truck. They belong with the garbage."

Job Training Program (Former Employee) says

"load the van. drive around with supervisor and crew to sweep different locations. great supervisor. Hardest part of the job was working in the snow and cold weather. Most enjoyable part was meeting new people, Cons: only six months program"

Sanitaon Worker (Former Employee) says

"This place sucks the management and supervisors and chiefs never worked a day in their life behind the truck. They belong in the hopper with the rest of the garbage. Work here if you like having no life and make garbage money. Good luck. Cons: The management"

Auto Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"This is a terrible job!!! A bunch of racist in management!!! Managers are like bullies they pick on you!! Especially if you are a black (African American) provisional worker!!! They were very nasty no RESPECT !!! The Conditions were terrible!! All the buildings in the field (around the city) need to be condemned!!!! Some the guys who worked there were ok.. But the majority of people are strange and a bunch of dirty grease ball mechanics!!! The Zerega Ave location needs the to burned down!!! Overall this job pays good but the environment is terrible!! The majority of management needs the be revised!!!"

Sanitation Worker (Former Employee) says

"I experience some good people within the department and I also experienced some very terrible people within the department Within the department there was a lot of racist activities on a higher level"

Internship (Former Employee) says

"I did not like working there because they do not vare about thir workers at all secretary has a very bad attitude so does thesupervisor Cons: very bad people skills"

Custodian (Former Employee) says

"Its a nice place to work and get to know new people and you can get to know crew of Sanitation there nice working team you could watch TV or DVDs Cons: but it gets boring in the morning"

JTP (Former Employee) says

"Stressful, Somedays I would not get to have lunch, not too many workers when I was working there with the same job title as me. There was no lounge area for me when I come in the morning or at the end of the day. Most of the Sanitation men were respectable. Cons: barely any lunch breaks"

Automotive Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"You move all over the city, be a mechanic do supervisor job,be parts man ,a cleaner ,nasty nasty nasty ,and racist and favouritism ,have to take up slack for the bosses cousins who work there but was never a mechanic before . Cons: Truck suposed to be cleaned but is not"

SUPERVISOR (Current Employee) says

"Test-based promotions, ZERO meritocracy, almost solely based upon seniority. No room for fulfillment and a serious lack of advancement due to nepotism. Good salary, good leave amounts, but the system is flawed."

Cleaning is good (Current Employee) says

"I like to work at sanitation I like environment I like my bose but they can give more they are not happy to work my I like hood environment I like sanitation the job is easy and I like to travel in the van and easy and fun wen the company or people are encouraged you to work .most of the worker are not good they are not happy to work. It is not good wen you force some people to work"

Grounds Worker (Former Employee) says

"I enjoy a challenge, and my position as a grounds keeper kept me busy and I enjoyed what I do."

Crew Member(JTP) says

"It was just another day at the job and some day was easy saling and others were just a drag. There was times where the management or the supervisors could of been a little more understanding in situations and know that We are adults just like they are. Cons: n/a"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at RetailData full-time for more than 3 years Cons: -Pay is about 1/3 of what any other Data Analyst in Richmond is getting -the data collectors are ABUSED with low pay so they do a bad job.... and management wants us to complain at them to do better? Pay them better first. -No communication between departments -Oooh boy, get ready for quarterly meetings where you have to sit and watch upper pat themselves on the back for a few hours. -HR is a joke, they are not there for employees, just to protect money -Did I mention you get paid like garbage? You will also be worked to death. -If you are competent, they will work you ragged until you quit. -You will not get promoted. -Raises are in the cents, not dollars. -This place will do everything they can to screw you out of as much money as possible"

Current Employee - Data Collector says

"I have been working at RetailData part-time Cons: Micromanagement. Constantly blowing up my e-mail inbox or phone. Company does very poor job of training data collectors and ensuring data quality assurance from the beginning. Only realistic point of contact for any issue is with District Manager; never heard from any other persons in the company."

Former Employee - Data Collector says

"I worked at RetailData part-time for less than a year Cons: Too much non-scanning time required that isn’t paid, and it’s not easy to get the 800+ scans per hour that are required to put you in a pay scale higher than minimum wage after 90 days. The Data Collector position has a huge turnover, and that seems OK with the company. They do not provide much in the way of training, support, or incentive, and the district managers are too busy trying to hire new people in to be of much help. The initial pay for 90 days is acceptable for part time work, but the potential the company presents to earn $15 at piece rate is VERY questionable. While some might eventually reach the speed to earn that much during scanning, you still need to factor in all the non-productive downtime. You have to stop and get out of the way of customers, plus you can then lose your place and end up rescanning items. You’ll consistently be asked by customers where they can find this or that in the store. When you have to enter dual prices for items on sale, it really cuts into your speed. Waiting for the scanner to reboot when it has one of its frequent lockups costs you time, and therefore money. Plus, there is additional time you’ll need to put in at home with uploading scans, downloading jobs, logging in to the field portal to see if your reports transmitted, sending, reading, and answering emails – and lots of the emails will be urgent requests to take on extra jobs that are not being done because Data Collectors often do not stay long - leaving jobs incomplete or not even started and already late. And in my opinion, the Retail Data software in running in the scanning equipment could be far more efficient and helpful to the data collection process, but I doubt it's considered worthwhile to the company to support Data Collectors by investing money in improving the software I was a Data Collector for less than 6 months, but now I firmly believe the positive reviews on Glass Door for this company were biased by Retail Data."

Current Employee - Data Collector says

"I have been working at RetailData full-time Cons: I have never worked for a company that never gives raises, all they do is give us pay decreases. They state that their equipment is getting better and with the updates will ultimately make you work faster. I say it still goes back to the person inputting the information. You can give us the best software and programs around, but that doesn't make you faster. My annual salary had been cut in half. Every year I am making less and less every year. It's hard to get good support or for anyone to fight for you. Corporate office feels they are always right and don't care to hear what their data collectors have to say. Apparently they feel they are running this company just fine. I'm sure while all of the Corporate employee's are being taken care of and probably haven't taken any pay cuts m but have probably received raises since our pay has been and keeps being reduced. Although as data collectors we are the one who keep your company running and a float, I wish that they would realize that and reward us with something other than pay decreases. Without us going out and doing the work your company would fail. Who really knows what goes on at corporate, no data collector will know. It astounds me that we get no incentives to even stay with this company. I have been with Retail Data for over 5 years and I bet if I quit on the spot, they wouldn't even care. Alot of seasoned data collectors have quit and corporate had done nothing to try to keep them employed with the company. This tells me that we don't matter and they don't care about us. It doesn't matter how long you have been with the company, how fast you are, your willingness to pick up extra jobs, help out where you can, rearrange your schedule to get a job done, to them you are a dime a dozen and they can easily replace you."

Current Employee - Data Collector says

"I have been working at RetailData part-time for more than 3 years Cons: The ones who organize the list the DC's (not Data Collectors, not people) are to collect obviously never collect the information. Speed is everything however it is extremely frustrating when the lists are so poorly organized. The pay is low and getting lower. I have worked for the company for almost 4 years and my pay has been cut 3 times. 3 TIMES. Oh they try to sugar coat it and say that the per hour goes up and one can make more because they can work more. But the truth is DCs are paid per piece, if they stay long enough, and the per piece rate has been cut. And will be cut again, it is just a matter of time. There is so much more that is expected of us little people than we will ever be paid for. There are no pay raises, no merit raises, no cost of living raises - EVER! To show appreciation for long time employees, the ones who have been there before the last pay cut, will be shown appreciation by starting new employees at a lower rate. But one is NEVER to talk about pay with anyone. DCs are talked at by the District Managers DM (via email) who are put in the middle as they are being yelled at by Home Office and the DCs. What is expected is not always possible in every market, but that does not matter. Home office wants what they want. I cannot speak of all DMs but some DMs have some of the poorest of communication skills. Home office will not stand up to clients. Clients demand and are "willing to pay more" so home office makes more and we at the bottom do not see more but work more, harder and under much more stress. Home office and the clients NEVER listens to the DC. Even after they have been told SEVERAL times that the location is wrong, there is no such store at the address provided, that same location is on the schedule - putting more work, unpaid work, for the DC to find the closest correct location. Not to mention when informing them that the item that is being requested is never and has never been found month after month, year after year it is still on the collection list. And to add insult to injury we are sometimes requested to go back to the store and verify that item is truly still not there. The equipment is slow, is required to use wireless connections but there is no wireless plan by the company so the DC is required to find wireless and take unpaid time to prepare for the work that will be paid for. And there has been a time of two when all of the hard collected data has been lost. But as soon a new equipment comes out it will be the "best" and will give reasons to cut the pay again. Mileage is paid for, however it is after the first 30 miles and at the overall lowest rate in the country. In the lapel and hard lapel locations - those stores that do not want collectors in their stores (even though some of them are our clients) - if approached DCs are to lie, say anything other than the truth of what you are doing in the store at that time. Oh and at this time the pay difference between lapel and hard lapel is .004 cents per item. But the stress is immeasurable. I am just waiting for the right time to quit."

Former Employee - Data Collector says

"I worked at RetailData part-time for more than 8 years Cons: Watching the office make complete fools of themselves in a corporate "rock music" video, that they wasted money making. I worked for 9 years as a DC ~ they like to call us DC's instead of Data Collectors, because that makes us sound less valuable, like peons. DC's are treated as worthless nuisances by the office. There is no true Human Resources department. Review dated 9/8/2013 is written by Retail Data...... And for a third time, In September, Retail Data lied and cheated the Data Collector's again out of half their pay on undercover jobs, using the reasoning that they are going to make "more money." Under cover jobs are the most stressful jobs because you are doing them without the stores permission. You do not have a choice of whether or not to do undercover work, so you are forced to do the job, even if you are thrown out of the store by the manager of the store. And when they cut your jobs/work load down to nothing, or give them to someone who the manager likes better -- they threaten to put you on performance review because you "don't have enough hours" -- even though they are the ones who control how much work you get. Retail Data misleads their employees -- and their clients. Selling data from one store as data from another is cheating the client, and not giving them what they paid for. The company will probably lose all its seasoned employees, causing the data they collect by newbies to be inaccurate and worthless. I hope that their clients realize what they aren't getting what they are really paying for. At the same time they are cutting payrates by 50% -- RD is asking employees to refer people they know, you are stating in a conference call that you will be cutting new hire why would we want to recommend a friend when your rates are already too low?"

Current Employee - Data Collector says

"I have been working at RetailData part-time for more than 10 years Cons: Pay cuts, bad information for us to do our jobs, lazy management, all benefits have been taken away, having to under report hours worked even though we work at piece rates. Not being payed properly or at all on jobs that are done. If there is a mistake made by the CSM, the data collectors ultimately are blamed. The only people who move up in this company are related to upper management, or are family members of our clients therefore favoritism is definitely shown."

Current Employee - Data Collector says

"I have been working at RetailData part-time for less than a year Cons: Little support from the company, and what support there is is weak and inconsistent. They don't listen to their data collectors suggestions about how collection rates could be improved - they really seem to think they have all the answers. They seem to have a knack for fostering low morale and mistrust."

Data Collector says

"I have been working at RetailData Cons: NO pay raises. consistent pay reductions to "better the business," little respect for data collectors in the field. Auditors not permitted to call or email office personnel/account managers directly; Mileage reimbursement does not cover gas price, usage, insurance and repair. New mileage reimbursement "tool" being implemented Company answered no questions and made no explanation before implementing. "Lapel" auditors are requested to sneak into retail stores to obtain pricing for their competitors, Upon which, if the auditor is "caught", they are embarrassed by that store's management, and then auditor is chastised by their supervisor and retail data for not being able to obtain the pricing because they got caught. Breakdown of communication between office and collectors. Would not recommend working here to friends."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at RetailData part-time Cons: The training for this job was only a few hours and should have been longer. Given the amount of data collectors need to gather there should been longer easily assailable training for new comers."

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